Business Name Registrations are easy with Smartcorp

A smarter way, so you have more time to care for your clients


Easily search for Business Name availability and secure your clients business name


A simple way to purchase your business name once for all states and territories


Then relax, and let us take care of all ASIC communication and payment of fees

Order your Business Name in just 5 mins

4 Simple Steps and we take care of the rest!

We’ve technically integrated our Business Name Registration service with ASIC so you can instantly register a business name. 

Step 1 - Search and identify the Business Name ABN holder from your Smartcorp account  

Step 2 - Choose the new business name, and check availability  

Step 3 - Enter the Principal Place of Business and Address of Service.  

Step 4 - Verify details, registration period (1 or 3 years) and payment option  

Frequently asked questions  

  • Why would I choose you rather than ASIC? By centralising your ASIC commercial arrangements with Smartcorp we take care of all ASIC communication so you can focus on your clients needs. We also provide smooth handling of invoices, and 30 day invoice terms (to approved clients). Our ordering process is simple and streamlined, and after your order is completed you can access your clients ASIC documentation online.  
  • How does the Smartcorp Business Name Registration process work? After you've submitted your order, we will instantly apply to ASIC to register the business name. When your business name is approved by ASIC, we will email you a confirmation. The Record of Registration will be issued by ASIC approximately 48 hours later. We will email the registration documents to you as soon as we receive them and you can also access them at any time through your Smartcorp Order Status page.  
  • What documents do I receive from Smartcorp? When your order is finalised by ASIC, you will instantly receive via email your: > Record of Registration > Welcome Letter (from ASIC) > Invoice  
  • Do I need to know my clients ABN? Yes you do need to know the ABN to register a business name. If you don’t have quick access to an ABN, you can easily identify ABN holder or ABN using our search tool.  
  • How much does a Smartcorp Business Name Registration cost? You can register your clients business name for 1 year ($78) or 3 years ($157). These prices are for prepaid and include GST and ASIC fees. A 30 Days Invoice price is available for approved clients. Refer to the product pricing page for more information.  


  • Can I register a Business Name at the same time as a new company registration? As soon as your new company has an ACN allocation by ASIC you will be able to apply for an ABN (through the ABR web site). After your ABN is issued you can then apply for an associated Business Name through our regular Business Name ordering screens.  



  • How will I know when the Business Name is about to expire? We will send you a notification before renewal is due - you then click through and complete the renewal order  
  •  What happens if ASIC rejects my application? If ASIC rejects your business name application, we will immediately contact you to advise of the status and help you through a new Business Name registration process.