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Frequently asked questions 

  • Why would I choose you rather than the ABR? Our ordering process is simple and streamlined. We allow you to complete the entire ABN and TFN application process in one step. No need to visit the Australian Business Register website. We are the only provider with this level of integration. You save time as your order is pre-populated with data from your Company or Trust order. Your order is processed in minutes and you can always access your client's ABR documentation online.  
  • How does the Smartcorp ABN and TFN process work? The entire application is processed from your Smartcorp account. You can order an ABN and TFN for a Company or a Trust. We also provide additional tax registrations including GST, FBT, LCT,FTC and WET. After you've submitted your order, it is instantly processed and your ABN email confirmation is sent in minutes.  
  • What documents do I receive from Smartcorp? You will receive an email advising that the ABN is registered. It will: > Include a Record of Registration > Details of the new ABN > Indicate if any other Tax registrations were ordered and what was lodged with the ATO. Note: TFN's are sent by post from the ATO  
  • What information do I need for an ABN and TFN Application? All details of the Company including ACN, Registered Office, Directors, Shareholders. All details of the Trust including Trustee Names and Addresses. If the Company or Trust was setup through Smartcorp then the data will be pre filled. Our ordering screens have been designed so data entry is simple and streamlined.
  • What entities can an ABN and TFN be ordered for through Smartcorp? An ABN and TFN can be ordered for a Company or Trust. We are working on a solution for SMSF, stay tuned for more information!  
  • Can I order an ABN and TFN for a non Smartcorp Company or Trust? Yes, we accept or all orders, however you will need to enter all the details.  
  • Can I register for TFN and GST using Smartcorp if I have an ABN? Yes, you will need to enter the alreay registered ABN and fill in the rest of the details for a TFN/GST application. If the Company or Trust was registered through Smartcorp the details will be pre-populated.  
  • How long does it take to receive my ABN and TFN? Once Smartcorp receives your ABN and TFN application, you should receive your ABN email advising that it is registered in minutes. TFNs are posted directly form the ATO.


  •  When I submit my ABN and TFN order how do I locate it in MyAccount? Go to Order Status and you will see that it has been submitted to Smartcorp. Once it is registered, you will be able to review the ABN and TFN details that were sent to you by email.  
  • What happens when my application is rejected? In the event that your application is rejected, you will receive one of the following; - A failed submission email with a Refusal ID instructing you to call the ATO to identify the error, or - There was something wrong with your order email (The Email Address Provided Is Not Valid, for e.g.) Once the problem has been identified, Log back into My Account and in the hi-lighted warning display, retrieve your order by clicking on "Click here to amend and resubmit your order" amend as required and resubmit.  

What our Customers are saying!

"We are finding the ABN and TFN registration service a fabulous time saver. Definitely much more efficient and seamless than the government websites" CAVEO Partner

So simple takes minutes not hours to complete” Awesum Accounting Pty Ltd 

“Nice and easy to use! Saves me lots of time compared to the ABR - which never seemed to go smoothly” Advalue Business and Taxation Services Pty Ltd